An energised start

2013 got off to an energetic start for us.

Late on 2nd January Tahmid Sempai and Warren Sempai landed in Christchurch, following their long-haul flight from Durban, South Africa, for a two-week training visit. After a day off for rest and recovery, which included a sightseeing tour to Akaroa - and joining Lao Tze in his current gong of 100 squats a day - the team was into full training mode with a gentle early morning run up the Harry Els track and a full day of training.

Another early morning start and a run along the Godley Heads track followed by cherries and fruit salad, then Jo training on the beach before a rice salad breakfast - and yet more training, with visits to Hagley Park and the University gym mixed in the regime... set the scene for the next few days.

After four days training, there was a day off (except for the 100 squats) before another round of intensive training days - which included learning new drills and kata... and new running routes before another well-deserved break (with limited training) at a high country station in the middle of picturesque Lord of the Rings country.

It included an off-road adventure to bypass a section of the gravel road that recent rains had washed away. And being guests at a Clydesdale stud we obviously all enjoyed a wet and rainy wagon ride in a canvas-covered wagon drawn by a willing six-horse team as well as some horseback rides amidst stunning scenery.

A quick lope up Mt Sunday on the way home completed the Lord of the Rings experience - with a little more training squeezed in while the Sempai packed and headed off to family in Sydney and Auckland for a week before returning home.

All the outdoor training in the stunning scenery that Christchurch and the Canterbury region have to offer certainly got our year off to a training-focused and positive start!

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26 January 2013, 00:40
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