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We start life as a singular existence: Ourselves = a single point in time (conflict within, our competing 'wants')...requiring bending others to our will (our 'wants') - unitary focus.

work-life• From that we expand into preparing ourselves for and committing ourselves to our own life-support system (education / career, viz., income generation): Unwillingly or with great motivation = two points, a straight line (conflict between the 'wants' of ourselves and our 'needs' – providing for our future)... requiring our manageable twofold focus.

• Then, as we blossom into fuller adulthood, we seek out (or acquire) the intimate company of another: Unwillingly or with great motivation = three points, a triangle (conflicts between our 'wants and needs', those of a career, and those of our partner)... requiring our manageable threefold focus.

• Predominantly, we expand into a close, family-type relationship embracing the care and future development of our child/ren: Unwillingly or with great motivation = four points, a square (and the sometimes disastrous conflicts between our subsuming 'wants and needs', those of a demanding career, those of an increasingly 'lonely' partner, and those of our growing child/ren)... requiring our manageable fourfold focus.

• Not infrequently, we adopt the emotionally mature, filial responsibilities of caring for the increasing needs of our ageing and ailing parents: Unwillingly or with great motivation = five points, a pentagon (conflicts between our 'wants and needs', those of a career, those of our partner, those of our child/ren, and those of our parents no longer able to provide for themselves)... requiring our manageable fivefold focus.

• Some are even inexorably drawn by the emerging spiritual need to be of service to others, but I will stop here as I am sure my context is already well evident.
Without the extreme burdens of responsibility (wo)man can never reach full maturity, and the attendant wisdom to not only guide and support others, but to reach true personal fruition. Through our own efforts, learning from our errors and misjudgements along the way, we finally learn how to develop the true balance between multiple conflicting attentions and responses, centring our focus. Like a proficient JUGGLER, giving equal, and proportionate focus on all the facets of our human existence, and our self-defined and accepted responsibilities, along the way... the perfect, never ending circle.

At all stages, we must never take our eye and attention off the ball, off the most important element within each stage of our life – from the first point to the final circle - ourselves. Without that determined focus, without our constant striving to 'study', to train, to enhance our cognitive abilities, to nurture our energy fires, to explore our source, we deplete our reserves - and deplete our developing intuitive perceptions to make the right choices and to provide the right support and guidance when and where needed. It is within us that constant, self-directed, evolving change is the essence of being human; a love-progression from self-centrality to universality (the juggler of infinite concerns).

Be confident in the intrinsic value to be received from life's experiences so far, and that the 'right' choices will be made at every crossroad we reach as we strive to proceed up the highways of our life. There are many 'paths of challenge and potential' for each of us (muffled-talks to walk), innumerable crossroads-of-life (under-informed choices to make), and abundant opportunities to recreate ourselves (evolutionary potential) – continuously.

Along our way, 'losing' and 'pain' are hotbeds for improvisation, adaptability, innovation, new juggling experiences, and spiritual enlightenment.


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30 January 2013, 02:04
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