Get Bob independently mobile

Shaz is championing a fund raiser for the month of May to raise money to get Bob independently mobile after his stroke last September.

If you have appreciated Bob's teachings in the past and would like to ensure he can continue to follow his passion of imparting knowledge to others - we'd appreciate a small donation to bring this closer to reality and enable Bob to move about independently to classes and local medical appointments.

The options include buying a mobility scooter (suitable ones starts at around $4,000) and / or sealing the gravel driveway and parking area (quotes are around $20,000 - but can be reduced by just sealing a strip along the drive) to get Bob able to get himself out and about without aid.

Donations can be made via the Give a Little Page Shaz has set up - Get Bob Mobile <- click on the link here, or at the top of the page, if you'd like to help - and thank you for your support.

26 April 2016, 03:15
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