Spring Fast 2013

Spring cleanThe regenerative energy of growth and rebirth in spring is the perfect time for a personal "spring clean" – which is why we will once again be holding our annual Wu-Shin Chi-Dao SPRING FAST over four weeks during September.

The idea is to fast for a total of 36-hours, one day a week, for four weeks.

How it works

You choose one day of the week for your fast. Your fast starts on the evening (after your normal evening meal) preceding your chosen day and continues until the morning of the day after your elected day. You repeat this for a total of four weeks.

Why fast?

Proper fasting is a demanding and rewarding form of personal discipline and provides you with the opportunity to clear out the surplus fat storage that can tend to accumulate over the less-active winter period, as well as breaking some possibly negative consumption habits that you might have picked up.

Join us?

So far we have students, past students, friends, and supporters from New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and Hong Kong joining us for their own personal spring clean. If you’re up for the challenge, drop Shaz a line and she’ll add you to our Spring Fast 2013 list.

It’s easier to commit to doing something hard when you have company along the way. We’ll also send through guidelines on how to fast, and more importantly – how to break your fast to maximize the benefit of your fasting efforts.

30 August 2013, 09:12
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