Stages of development

taichi-evolutionNo matter what heights you reach, the path to growth and self-development is always supported by determination and perseverance. This poem, written back in 2003, highlights the importance of perseverance if you hope to excel at any art.



Stages of Development

Uncoordinated, awkward and off balance
We go through the moves
Stiff, disjointed and out of place.
We slowly train our bodies
To obey our mind and move at will.
The discordant movements of four limbs
Trying to move in different directions at different speeds

Contrast with the smooth melodies and soothing incense.


Feeling foolish, some persevere, some give up...


Slowly, we each experience a personal breakthrough
And the moves become more comfortably part of us.
For each the transition is sudden
But the development has taken time.
Now smooth and fluid, flowing and stretching
Filling with chi and growing. Practise
Becomes a pleasure – a haven of peace in a busy day.


Perseverance pays off – but there is a long way to go...


Now we are taught to refine our moves
Perfect our stances with breathing synchronised with the movements.
New concepts are introduced
We learn to sink lower on our straining legs.
We aim for perfect timing and unified moves.
We learn to root, to improve our posture.
And we learn about the energies and about moving from Yin
To Yang, from empty to full.


Feeling foolish, some persevere, some give up...


Some days we battle with our practise
Trying desperately to bring about that elusive understanding
Yearning for that new feeling or sensation.
Some days we just go with the flow.
Imperceptibly we grow with our dedication
Until we breakthrough again and suddenly
Flow comfortably with our new internalised understandings.


Perseverance pays off – but there is a long way to go...


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29 January 2013, 21:41
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