The advantages of T'ai Chi

To an observer, T’ai Chi appears to be a series of slow, flowing, relaxing movements – almost a graceful slow motion ballet – where some of the moves hint at self-defence applications. But, it is far more than that.

Meditation AND Medication in Motion

T'ai Chi exercises every muscle, joint and organ in the body and removes the blockages in our chi (energy flow) created by worry and excess tension or stress. In addition to promoting physical dexterity and flexibility, it teaches a flexible and yielding response to confrontation and promotes balance, harmony and peace in daily life. It teaches us to use just the right amount of effort to accomplish something, to go with the flow and still achieve. T’ai Chi teaches us to be effective by working within the environment in which we find ourselves, and within our own body limits, rather that to use brute force to be successful.

Because of the slow and gentle nature of T’ai Chi it offers a thorough form of exercise with little risk of injury. All the movements are slow and controlled and executed within the ability of the individual practising it. There is no sudden jarring that can cause injury, just gentle isometric training... and there's no need to buy special equipment. All you need is comfortable clothing that allows free movement.

taijiT’ai Chi helps to create a centre of calm and balance within those who practice it, enabling practitioners to think clearer and develop their powers of concentration. It exercises both the mind and the body slowly and gently to the fullest extent possible. Nowadays it is widely recognised, even in the business community, as an effective means of stress management and healing as well as an extraordinary technique for developing a general fitness of the mind and body.

Numerous sceintific studies have added substance to claims that T'ai Chi improves physical balance and helps to prevent falls in the elderly, sparking off a number of T'ai Chi fall prevention programs.

On a basic level, the movements are relaxing and open the energy points within the body, increasing energy flow and intake - so just by simply going through the motions of the T’ai Chi form, you will benefit from increased energy, mobility and relaxation. Over time, dedicated T'ai Chi practitioners learn to feel, and later direct and control, the energy flows through their body, which in turn leads to even greater health benefits.

T'ai Chi is accessible and effective for adults of all ages. The intesnity of training can vary from light to heart-pumping depending on your fitness and ability and what you want to achieve. But, as with most things, it is not a quick-fix panacea. It requires effort and practice to reap the benefits.


23 April 2013, 21:54
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