What equipment or clothing do I need for T'ai Chi?

The short answer is: none...

All you need to bring to your first class, or just about any class, is yourself - kitted out in some loose fitting clothing. You don't need a fancy silk kung fu suit or tai chi uniform, or any specific outfit. Just something comfortable to wear that doesn't retrict your movement.

all goodWe generally train barefoot (in warmer weather anyway) as this helps to work the feet more and aids connection and rooting, but you are welcome to wear socks (preferably non-slip ones) or flat trainers or to buy special kung fu or tai chi shoes if you prefer.

You also don't need to buy any special equipment - most of our classes focus on the traditional Yang long form, which is not a weapon form.

Having said that just about anything (decent) goes... there are a few tips or recommendations:

    • Cotton clothing is better than synthetics - natural fibres are better for unimpeded energy flow
    • Lighter clothing is better than darker clothing - lighter colours are more relaxing and aid memory retention
    • Take off your watch before class - the battery can interfere with your energy flow
    • Remove any jewelery - the metals can affect energy flow, and sharp objects could injure partners when we do partner work
24 September 2013, 08:02
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