What is Chi Kung?

The short answer is that chi means energy, breath, or life force. Kung means work... so chi kung then means energy or breath work. The reference to work refers to harnessing the energy and breath to work for you, - and, in the vein of what you put in, is what you get out - work also implies putting in the required effort and practice to reap the benefit of chi kung.

Qigong is simply another way of spelling the romanization of the Chinese ideograms, which you also see with t'ai chi, taiji or tai chi.

qigongChi Kung comes in a wide variety of styles. Much like you have different types of motor cars, each suited to different purposes, there are many styles of chi kung. All focus on using the breath and energy, combined with visualization, to improve health, vitality and well being; but one might be more suited to helping you deal with stress, while another might be more suited to healing a particular ailment.

The different types of chi kung range from seated and stationary (your basic perception of meditation), to standing and stationary (such as the classic hugging a tree posture), to moving - to varying degrees. Within this continuum, t'ai chi slots in at the moving end, as a form of chi kung with the most movement.


10 March 2013, 23:25
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