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Bob Davies
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Shaz Davis
T'ai Chi Teacher & Webmaster
Christchurch, New Zealand
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Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development

When the quality of instruction and authenticity of content matters


Short courses and on-going classes for men and women. Practical and effective training designed for adults. Contact us for more information.

Take Control

Interested in a four-week Community Self-Defence Course? Sign up if you would like information about our next course.

Corporate Classes

Improve your business performace with our range of corporate instruction options - at your premises, or ours. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

T'ai Chi and Qigong

We also offer Corporate Classes focusing on Wellness and Stress Management. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Learn a Classical Sword Art

Sharpen your mind and reflexes; Improve your ability to strategise and plan. Put the validated MBA principles of the Art of War and Book of Five Rings into practice with Tenshindo.

Tai Chi

On-going classes are held in Christchurch and Oxford. Join us for a free trail class.

Manage escalating levels of Conflict

Wu-Shin Todejutsu is an effective all-round, integrated system of Civilian Self-Defence that teaches you to manage escalating levels of conflict (armed and unarmed) with minimum force.

Stretch yourself - and grow

Our training is Practical and Effective... and it's geared towards Self-Development. Join us to stretch your body and your mind, and achieve more in life.

Improve your flexibility, strength, and balance

Our training will improve your flexibility, strength, and balance - both physically and mentally - making you more capable, confident, and adept.

Internal Ways New T'ai Chi Class starting in Christchurch

We're pleased to announce that we're accepting applications for a new beginners' T'ai Chi class, with classes on Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 7pm.

The intake is open now (for the second half of June) and will close at the end of the first week in July. If you would like to join us for a no-obligation, free trial class - or to reserve a place in the new group (you can select once a week or twice a week), please contact Shaz on 021 077 6553 or shaz@wu-shin.com. Class limited to 20 places.

15 June 2015, 05:56

Internal Ways T"ai Chi for Health

The origins of the slow and graceful movements of the Chinese art of T’ai Chi can be found in an effective self-defence art; but T’ai Chi also combines elements of traditional Chinese medicine, and is now largely taught for its numerous health benefits.

T’ai Chi probably needs little introduction in New Zealand because the flowing set of moves is readily recognised thanks to the ACC-sponsored fall-prevention classes run around the country.

Scientific research

Scientists say that the full benefits of this form of low intensity aerobic exercise, combined with preforming a fairly complex set of movements and focused concentration, needs further study but research to date shows that T’ai Chi can improve:

·       Balance  

·       Cardiovascular health

·       Bone health.

Studies found a 40% reduction in falls (and associated medical costs and mortality) in people who did T’ai Chi regularly, and results from research in Asia showed that regular T’ai Chi practice slows the thinning of bones in women, delaying the onset of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Other studies have shown benefits for people with Parkinson’s and chronic pulmonary disease.

Other health benefits

Because T’ai Chi involves a combination of movement, breathing, focused attention, visualisation, and a psychosocial component through interactions with teachers and fellow students, the benefits of practising T’ai Chi include:

·       Reduced stress and anxiety, and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations

·       Improvement in memory and concentration

·       Increased mobility, flexibility, physical dexterity and reduced joint pain

·       Feeling more energised, alive and positive about life

·       A stronger immune system and ability to cope with disorders exacerbated by stress

·       An improved sense of wellbeing, better quality of life, and increased stamina

·       Increased leg strength and improved muscle tone throughout the body.

Also called meditation in motion, the intensity of T’ai Chi can be varied to an individual’s age and needs by appropriately qualified teachers – and is suitable for adults and senior citizens.


There are a number of modified forms of T'ai Chi (for seniors, for arthritis, for... just about anything). While these will provide some benefit (just as any exercise is beneficial) not all T'ai Chi (as taught today) will necessarily be able to convey all these benefits.

02 May 2015, 23:47

Internal Ways T’ai Chi Retreat – 17th to 19th April 2015

Come and have a post-Easter de-stress and detox with relaxing T’ai Chi and Qigong sessions in a tranquil and remote mountain setting, sharing the picturesque mountain scape with curious Clydesdales on a working farm at the head of the Rangitata River.

When: Friday 17th April to Sunday 19th April
Where: Erewhon Station
Cost: $250 per person


T’ai Chi Retreat FAQs

What’s included in the price?
The $250 fee for the T’ai Chi retreat includes your accommodation and (healthy, wholesome) food, as well as training and tuition. You will need to cover transport to Erewhon and any additional expenses – such as a horse ride – if you choose to do this.

Where is Erewhon?
Clear directions and a map will be provided to participants. Erewhon is quite literally at the end of Hakatere Potts Road, which extends towards the Southern Alps from Mt Somers. Erewhon is about 25 minutes beyond Lake Clearwater. The last section is on gravel roads – a 4x4 is not required but it would be best to have a vehicle with reasonable ground clearance. Lift share amongst participated can be arranged.

Where will we be staying?
Accommodation is in the old farmhouse at Erewhon. This means shared rooms (approx. 4 people to a room if we are fully booked) with bunk beds, a communal lounge, kitchen, and dining room, and a bit of a clever scheduling to get a spot in the bath or shower.

What do I need to bring along?
Bedding. A mattress cover sheet and pillows are provided, but you will need to bring a sleeping bag or duvet, pillow case and a towel.
Comfortable clothing and shoes for exercise and walking, including rain gear in case it is wet. A book or notepad for your spare time, a camera, a torch (just in case the power goes off – or you fancy an evening walk).  A small daypack and water bottle to carry lunch and a jacket when out walking.

What will we be eating and drinking?
The focus will be on healthy food – with herbal teas, fresh fruit, crisp salads and good hot meals. No alcohol. The fare will be largely vegetarian, but will include some fish. Individual preferences can be catered for – you can detail these on your registration form.

How many people will be taking part?
The cottage can sleep 17, but we will probably cut off at 12 participants. If demand is greater we could enquire about camping or using the old shearing shed. We currently have space for about 5 more people.

How much training will we be doing?
Participation in the training sessions is voluntary, but obviously encouraged.

19 March 2015, 23:49