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Bob Davies
Bob Davies
Founder & Director
Christchurch, New Zealand
Mobile: 021 175 1282
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Shaz Davis
Shaz Davis
T'ai Chi Teacher & Webmaster
Christchurch, New Zealand
Mobile: 021 077 6553
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Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development

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Short courses and on-going classes for men and women. Practical and effective training designed for adults. Contact us for more information.

Take Control

Interested in a four-week Community Self-Defence Course? Sign up if you would like information about our next course.

Corporate Classes

Improve your business performace with our range of corporate instruction options - at your premises, or ours. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

T'ai Chi and Qigong

We also offer Corporate Classes focusing on Wellness and Stress Management. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Learn a Classical Sword Art

Sharpen your mind and reflexes; Improve your ability to strategise and plan. Put the validated MBA principles of the Art of War and Book of Five Rings into practice with Tenshindo.

Tai Chi

On-going classes are held in Christchurch and Oxford. Join us for a free trail class.

Manage escalating levels of Conflict

Wu-Shin Todejutsu is an effective all-round, integrated system of Civilian Self-Defence that teaches you to manage escalating levels of conflict (armed and unarmed) with minimum force.

Stretch yourself - and grow

Our training is Practical and Effective... and it's geared towards Self-Development. Join us to stretch your body and your mind, and achieve more in life.

Improve your flexibility, strength, and balance

Our training will improve your flexibility, strength, and balance - both physically and mentally - making you more capable, confident, and adept.

Bob's Thoughts Self-defence arts and combative sports - there is a difference

samurai-with-spearOnce-upon-a-time, in our earlier pioneering days - when life was genuinely tough - social groupings of humans were small and scattered fairly scantily over a wide geographic area, particularly in rural or frontier territory. To survive the unpredictable ravages of nature, unexpected attacks by hungry four-legged predators, and surprise ambushes from opposing bands of violent opportunists, humans needed a strong spirit of self-sufficiency, and a health dose of independence and courage, supported by sound physical and mental strength.

Against this background, particularly in the Middle and Far East and especially in China, carefully structured civilian self-defence arts evolved out of the contemporary martial arts of the various warrior groups. These highly effective methods of personal protection became the reserve of the civilian populace who were largely unarmed except for ready access to common handheld home or farm implements, ranging from knives to staves, and even to makeshift spears.

07 April 2013, 09:34

Wu-Shin News Live CTV interview and demo

We got some brief exposure on our local TV station today. Here it is...

Check out our events calendar for training times and venues.

27 March 2013, 10:12

Wu-Shin News Dojo Kun

Dojo Kun are philosophical guidelines fostered by a dojo. The Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development has promoted the following eight precepts since its inception:

  1. Be humble, courteous, and honourable.
  2. Regulate your practice to your physical condition.
  3. Study and practice only in earnestness.
  4. A tranquil and alert mind produces reflex thought and action.
  5. Take care of your health.
  6. Lead a simple life.
  7. Never be arrogant.
  8. Be untiring and unceasing in your endeavours in spite of all obstacles.
14 February 2013, 02:33

Wu-Shin News The empty cup

There is a lovely story about a knowledgeable professor from the West who seeks out a Zen master.

The professor greets the master, saying: "Hello, I'm Doctor so-and-so. I am an accomplished professor with the following degrees (which he rattles off). I'd like to learn more about Zen Buddhism from you."

The master replies: "Would you like to sit down?"

After getting a reply in the affirmative, he asks: "Would you like some tea?"

"Yes," replies the professor again.

The master pours the tea, and continues pouring until the cup is full, and then past overflowing.

The professor shouts to grab the master's attention: "The cup is overflowing! The tea is spilling everywhere."

04 February 2013, 11:43

Wu-Shin News An energised start

2013 got off to an energetic start for us.

Late on 2nd January Tahmid Sempai and Warren Sempai landed in Christchurch, following their long-haul flight from Durban, South Africa, for a two-week training visit. After a day off for rest and recovery, which included a sightseeing tour to Akaroa - and joining Lao Tze in his current gong of 100 squats a day - the team was into full training mode with a gentle early morning run up the Harry Els track and a full day of training.

Another early morning start and a run along the Godley Heads track followed by cherries and fruit salad, then Jo training on the beach before a rice salad breakfast - and yet more training, with visits to Hagley Park and the University gym mixed in the regime... set the scene for the next few days.

26 January 2013, 00:40

Catalysts for change Dream, or die

A little aimless browsing lead to the discovery of a profound saying that's worth sharing. A t-shirt with the words:

Dream or die...

It is simple, yet profound - and reminded me of another saying:

There are many ways to lose your life. Dying is only one of them.

If there's one thought to bear in mind during the traditional year-end period of introspection, it's the need to get in touch with your dreams and to plan to turn them iinto action.


01 December 2012, 03:58