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Arnis de Mano

Arnis de Mano is an exciting, dynamic, and effective Filipino combat art: In modern times, as taught by our Foundation, it is an excellent Civilian Defence System ideal for those energetic men and women wanting to be 'street-wise' in the shortest possible period of time. Our Arnis de Mano is appropriately described as the 'quickest to master', and the most 'street-wise effective' of all the systems of combative training available.

Originating in the tropical jungles of the Philippine Islands, this highly practical self-defence system emphasises surviving the worst-case scenarios of determined assault by multiple, armed attackers - where no quarter is given, or expected. Where you have to rely on your physical and mental skills, as well as your wits, mobility, speed, and knowledge, to come out on top.

The instruction, training, and guidance we provide at the Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development incorporates Kombatan; Modern Arnis; Modern Mano Mano; Filipino Knife Fighting; and Filipino Dumog (grappling). This art physically and mentally 'stretches' those who would enjoy honing their survival skills in a challenging and fast-paced (yet carefully controlled) training environment.

Our training in Arnis de Mano begins with an emphasis on impact weapon work - using single and double short rattan sticks - to overcome our natural reaction of freezing in fear when facing a weapon, and to grasp expeditiously the fundamental techniques and strategies of armed attacks. We teach hard-hitting, effective responses to ensure survival from deadly assault. All instruction emphasises practicality and efficiency, through the appropriate use of training partners right from the outset.

Our Arnis de Mano curriculum then also incorporates unarmed combat (percussive as well as grappling) once students are able to effectively handle (an) assailant/s wielding modern impact and cutting weapons such as knives, borken bottles, bush-knives, baseball bats, batons, sticks, and other hand-held objects.

Our Arnis de Mano would ideally suit energetic and motivated young men and women in their 20's to 40's wanting to benefit from a mentally demanding and physically challenging form of explosive training.

Classes are available at our Hombu dojo in Christchurch, New Zealand, and in our Durban, South Africa branch.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: Minimum age - 16 years.




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