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take ctrlAs a proactive response to the growing number of serious physical and sexual assaults occurring within our city and its surrounds, the Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development offers specialist self-defence courses for adult men and women (older teenagers are welcome) as a Christchurch community service.

Our Take-Control courses run over four sessions; each session is two hours = a total of eight hours of intense and practical instruction in total.

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Take-Control Course times

These next course will be demand-driven. If you are interested, fill in the online form and we will be in touch.

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Who should take this practical self-defence course?

Our Take-Control course is geared toward John and Joan Citizen. Men and women who are not particularly fit, or in good physical shape or condition; they probably have not trained in anything like this before. They could be in the early stages of adulthood, new parents, or at the stage of enjoying the experiences of their grandchildren.

They do not particularly want to learn how to fight, neither do they want to roll around on the floor learning the skills of grappling (irrelevant in genuine self-defence situations anyway), nor do they want to spend many hours punching and kicking fresh-air or heavy bags.

They are determined, however, not to be victims of bullies, nor to cower in fear should they unexpectedly encounter a dangerous or potentially life-threatening situation.

They want to feel they are able to manage any potential danger in an effective, practical manner that resolves the issue quickly, with the minimum amount of violence. In fact, they want to know how to identify a potentially dangerous situation, to avoid confrontation occurring, to defuse it before it escalates – they would prefer to learn how to avoid or resist without having to fight.

John and Joan want to walk away at the end of this course knowing that they are far better prepared to handle most common forms of aggression, while being aware of their own limitations and how best to make allowance for them.

What this course is not...

Our Take-Control Self-Defence course is not your typical MMA, muay thai, kickboxing, ground & pound, karate, kungfu, judo, jujutsu, aikido, wushu, capoeira, krav maga... or any of the other recreational combative sports involving mutual confrontation.

Take-Control Course costs

8-hour Course Fee:
Adults – $125

…Super Gold Card holder - $100 (ID Card required)
…Unemployed, full-time, students and scholars - $100 (ID Card required)
…Family discount (great for home group-practice) – 10% discount for each additional non-income earning minor (to a maximum of 30%).

Super-motivated and determined?
…Attend both courses, at only 50% for the second course fee.

Who will be teaching the course?

The instructor for this practical community self-defence short course is Bob Davies. Bob has trained in a wide range of martial and civilian defence arts for the past 47 years. He has studied intensively overseas, visiting more that 40 countries in his pursuit of knowledge and expertise, working with police and military defence instructors in a number of countries.
Bob opened his first full-time training centre in 1975 (38 years ago) and has personally trained more than 6 000 students and developed more than 68 international level black belts ranging up to 5th Dan, in three major systems of self-development.
Bob has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in armed and unarmed combat, including traditional martial art weaponry as well as modern-day street weapons. This knowledge was acquired and applied in training law-enforcement personnel in one of the most dangerous cities in South Africa.
Bob was the specialist trainer for the Durban City Police from 1986, on an annually awarded contract basis, until the appointment of a full-time instructor for the unit in the late 1990s. He has also trained a number of Protection Service units and security companies’ personnel, provided special riot- and crowd-control training, and conducted advanced instructor training programmes.


Use the online Self-Defence Short Course Booking Form to reserve your place on the Take-Control course or to request more information. Alternatively, contact us to enquire about other course dates and times, or to arrange specialised group training to suit your needs. Special corporate courses are also available, geared to staff and management levels.

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