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Wu-Shin Todejutsu

Wu-Shin Todejutsu is, in these modern times of highly commercialised and hybridised recreational combative sports (such as karate, kung fu, MMA, etc.), a rare 'complete' system of civilian combat and self-defence which can be used effectively against single or multiple, armed or unarmed assailants, at all levels of conflict-intensity.

Based on a seamless interface of traditional Chinese and Okinawan civilian-defensive systems (with long histories of validated effectiveness) Wu-Shin Todejutsu imparts practical percussive, grappling, and weapon oriented skills, while teaching the underlying principles of conflict management, and emphasising personal growth.

Briefly, the system of Wu-Shin Todejutsu incorporates punching, striking, kicking, checking, intercepting, seizing, locking, trapping, clinching, grappling, takedowns, throwing, falling, pinning, and pressure point skills based on the principles of avoiding, entering, rebounding, evading, pivoting, rooting, restraining, immobilising, harmonising, or yielding responses to conflict/aggression/attack.

Our curriculum also includes the use, offensive as well as defensive, of a wide range of traditional and modern weapons, including, but not limited to:

  • the Okinawan weapons of Nunchaku, Bo, Sai, Tonfa, and Kama;
  • the Japanese weapon of the Jo; and
  • the Filipino weapons of short sticks, knives, and machetes.

The video below, produced by our branch in Durban (South Africa), shows some of the arts of Wu-Shin Todejustsu in action:

Structured training in Wu-Shin Todejutsu also enables our practitioners to achieve and sustain excellent levels of health, physical and mental fitness, cardio-vascular endurance, functional physical and mental strength, and suppleness - while learning the basics of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and life-skills.

Wu-Shin Todejutsu is perfectly suited to the more mature man and woman wanting to achieve all-round proficiency in a caring atmosphere emphasising self-control and respect for one's own well being and that of fellow students during training. We recognise that our personal, social and business responsibilities obviously require intelligent training methods (supported by the appropriate levels of self-discipline), reducing the risk of personal injury to acceptable levels. Our methods of teaching and track record, separate us quite clearly from mere pugilistic activities.

Our instruction proceeds, on a one-on-one basis for each student, in small well-formulated classes, from the 'external/hard' to the 'internal/soft' systems to a perfectly integrated balance of the two extremes; always aligning with the individual's own on-going development and maturity. Personal guidance proceeds at the pace dictated by the capabilities, understanding, and rate of progress of each student, while constantly emphasising the three important elements of Health, Self-Defence/Conflict Management, and Personal Growth.

We encourage a mind-set to live life with every breath; live in the moment; take responsibility for our actions; and to foster Respect, Sincerity, and Compassion as expressions of the emotionally mature individual. Wu-Shin Todejutsu is more than a combat art, more than a system of self-defence - it is to its practitioners… a way of life.

Classes are available at our Fendalton and Merivale dojo in Christchurch, and our Oxford and Waikuku dojo in New Zealand, as well as at our Kokoro dojo in Durban, South Africa.



  • Cadets: 13 - 19 years
  • Candidates: 20 years, and older.

“From Self-Protection to Self-Perfection”



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