Chi Kung

The Chinese have studied the internal energy systems for more than 2000 years and have created exercises called Chi Kung or Qi Gong to help restore health, vitality and balance; reducing stress and creating a feeling of well-being.

Chi Kung is literally qi or chi (meaning both energy and breath) work, or working with the life energy and breath. It can be defined as a way of using posture, breathing, visualisation and meditation along with gentle movements to cleanse, gather and circulate the chi, or life energy - while increasing one's capacity for mental focus.

Chi Kung stimulates and replenishes the body's energy levels through deep breathing, postural exercises and slow movements that activate the circulation of blood and the flow of energy within the body. It gently exercises - but does not stress - joints, tendons and muscles, and promotes a natural flow of energy in the body to ensure optimum health. Good Chi Kung practice is very simple and the results are obtained gradually over time.

Some people have compared it to biofeedback. Like biofeedback, a person becomes aware of, and thus learns to regulate or control processes in the body, such as heart rate, that are normally beyond conscious awareness and control.

For example, if a person has poor circulation in the hands and feet, there is a way of becoming aware of that area and using gentle movements to improve the circulation. As a result, the person will actually experience greater warmth in the hands and feet. This can be used to treat a variety of metabolic disorders as well. But that's the basic definition of Chi Kung - using breath, posture, movement, meditation and visualization to cleanse, gather and circulate the chi.

Chi Kung is then highly recommended for improving one's health and strengthening one's natural immune system. Chi Kung as taught by the T'ai Chi Institute of Health (a division of the Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development) retains the simple and effective nature of traditional Chi Kung and shuns the 'new age fads' that steep Chi Kung in a hodge-podge of esoteric mysticism.

The T'ai Chi Institute of Health offers a range of different styles of Chi Kung including an…

  • Introductory course;
  • Stress-buster course;
  • Eight Brocades;
  • Sound Qi Gong;
  • and the First and Second sets of the 18 T'ai Chi Chi Kung movements.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: Minimum age - 16 years.



For more information about chi kung, have a look at: What is Chi Kung?

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