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Bob Davies
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Shaz Davis
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Bob Davies

TESTIMONIALS of the influence I have had on the lives of some of the many individual spirits who have shared our dreams and efforts.

If I am ever asked: "What have you done with your life? I would reply, 'Open my record and look at all the successes of others connected to my name'. There is nothing better!"


A very happy 70th birthday to you! I hope that you have had a super day and that your surprise party went well :-) You are constantly in my thoughts and I am pleased to be celebrating this wonderful milestone with you. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on 25 years of incredible memories and the mountain of knowledge that you have shared with myself,  and so many others. Even today, when I am faced with a challenge, I remember your words and they provide me with tremendous clarity. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery so that I may have the opportunity to continue this journey with you for many years to come. You are truly special in so many ways! With much love, fondest thoughts and a big hug.



Really appreciate the training you gave me from 1990-1995. A solid foundation in the martial arts, but something I only realise now, that was probably more important, was a purely non-racial and equal treatment for all environment that we had. I’m still in South Africa and it's a pity that our country in general and karate in particular is still struggling with transformation.... Nevertheless, thank you for all your effort.

(Sunil Gopal)


Your teaching remains with me still as my primary source of knowledge and inspiration. Everything I find myself doing I can trace to something you have taught me. Accordingly I wish to thank you very sincerely for both your birthday wishes but more particularly for your enormous gift of knowledge - and more specifically your gift of the spirit of inquiry.

(Danny, internal arts teacher)


"You are the third teacher of T'ai Chi I have taken classes with and you are by far the most inspiring."

(J. Grant, Horticulturalist)


"Thank you for leading from the front, and for setting the bar so high that you encourage everyone around you to strive to be  better than they think and they imagine they can be. You have personally pushed me and helped me to be better than I ever imagined and you continue to do so with a spirit of love and compassion (whilst maintaining the steel bar surrounded by cotton wool, of course)."

(Name not published).


"I have had the pleasure of interacting with the two of you for the past 13 years (since Dec 2001), and as with any journey that matters it has certainly not been smooth sailing. There have been disagreements, pain, and hardship, but they were endured and the reason that they were endured was because I knew deep down that you had my best interest at heart. Your influence over my life and the choices I made as a result of lessons learned has been of great benefit to me, and I cannot really begin to mention all the times that this has surfaced."

(Name not published).


"A cheery good morning Lao Tze, you were both in my thoughts as I reflected on yesterday. After my heart surgery I promised myself to do one thing a year to terrify myself - just to feel alive. And yesterday ticked that box in a way I wouldn't have dreamt of. So a big hug and a huge thanks, for kicking my year off with a Bang!!

P.S. Cant get rid of this silly grin."

(Name not published).


"My wife, the kids and myself have been to the Auckland lantern festival and wow it was cool man, totally beautiful. Except they had a so called Samurai demo it was so bad it made me feel angry but on the flip side it showed me the difference between what you teach and the rubbish others follow."

(Name not published).

"I need to ask the question, why were you not a school teacher. I am sure that many students would gain a lot of experience from your teaching style and would in turn learn a lot more than 99.99997% of teachers out there.

On another note I was quite surprised how well I pulled up this morning. Apart from sore legs, bum, shoulders, and arms and some blisters on my left hand I am feeling really well. Nothing a day using a walking stick won't fix lol."

(Name not published).



"Bob sensei, thank you for all the time and effort you have spent on us over the year. We are very fortunate to have a teacher of your calibre here in New Zealand."

(D. Bergamini, Chef).


2009 - 2010:

"I first started with the primary goal being learning how to defend myself, however what I received was far more beneficial. The training has augmented various aspects of my life and with out a doubt has provided me with valuable skills. These skills have supplied me with a renewed sense of perseverance and drive toward reaching my goals. To my surprise I soon found out that underneath the tough exterior was a genuinely kind man, who desired no less than to nurture the full potential of each individual. The training did not hesitate in delving into practical and efficient means of self-defence in the real world and was the ideal training for a young man who frequently walked the streets of Durban. His methodologies required me to deal with my own indecisiveness and emotional battles, yet still reach the desired outcome, all the while under Bob's meticulous gaze. The other benefit I experienced during my training was staying in top physical shape, which left me feeling better about myself and the challenges ahead. As for my time with Bob, I can honestly say that I have never met someone as dedicated and qualified in the disciplines of physical and non-physical conflict resolution as he is. I believe Bob possesses the ability to get the best out of all with whom he collaborates."

(W. Mathew, Communication, Honours graduate).



"The time has been wonderful for me. I have learned things about myself and others I wouldn't otherwise have learned. I have also learned various principles of life, and in particular, being humble and patient. Thank you for planting the seeds of self-awareness and realisation, now I do know what I don't know and this will assist me in developing those parts of me that are underdeveloped."

(S. Mbatha, Graduate, Housing).


2008 - 2010:

"This was not a 'window-dressing' or simple 'self-defence' course. Bob's 42 years of experience was demonstrated in his meticulous and comprehensive approach to training our guys. Yes, they learnt drills and physical techniques, but he also encouraged in all participants an ethos of discipline, self-respect, and personal health. In fact, the effects have been nothing less than a complete attitudinal transformation in their occupational behaviour. We will gladly refer to him in the future for any matters of a self-defence and security nature."

(P. Sibisi, General Manager, Security).


2007 - 2010:

"I joined up more out of curiosity than a passion for martial arts. I must admit that I didn't particularly like Bob much in the beginning! Thinking back, I guess the only real reason was that he expected more from me than I was willing to give. And there were many times I asked myself, what's the point? Why am I waking up at 4:00am for training three times a week? It was safe to say that for five hours a week, for the first three months, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. But then, I decided to 'let go' of the ego for one full year and see where this path would take me. I began to look at myself objectively and stopped taking the critiquing personally. I learnt there is a right way to do things from drawing a sword to greeting a stranger. I learnt about living in the now. Bob was certainly an agent of change. And it all changed because I changed. Training and more importantly, having access to the knowledge and experience of a teacher and mentor such as Bob, is one of the most valuable occurrences in my life. With Bob there is a lesson to be learnt in every training session. Personally, I get in the car to go and learn life-skills more than I go to learn sword-skills. He has often been a great sounding board when approached with my more confounding ethical dilemmas. He has enabled me to face more of myself and hence expect more from myself. Before him I never fully understood what self-development was all about. Through his guidance I have re-examined many aspects of my life: From the way I do business, to what I eat, to how I might raise my kids. Without doubt Bob is the best teacher I've ever had. He is a tenacious character with seemingly unlimited energy and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is one of those people with the rare quality of always following through. He says what he means and acts on what he says. Obviously, he also expects this of others, which is generally why he is known to rub certain people up the wrong way and can euphemistically be called 'difficult' at times. I hope that his friendship and the shining light of his mentorship to myself and fellow students last for many years to come."

(J. Heffer, Owner, Graphic Designer).


2007 - 2010:

"Drawing on my previous positive experience as a young student of Bob, founder and director of the Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development, I recommended the courses he offered to my fellow Directors and a selected number of staff-members both as a team-building exercise and to promote a healthier life-style. This proved to be a very successful exercise. Whilst fun is certainly a part of the various courses he runs, Bob takes his teaching objectives very seriously and is extremely scrupulous on emphasising and ensuring safety during his classes. Bob is well-schooled and knowledgeable in a multiple of different training disciplines from basic to advanced self-defence (including security guard and police training) through to management development and executive programmes and his courses are suitable for both men and women."

(R. Sarno, Director).


2007 - 2010:

"After Bob returned from his spiritual pilgrimage in Japan, he took over the training from his senior instructors, which then intensified in terms of the level of detail, particularly the mental and spiritual aspects. He has an uncanny and unique ability to link the physical to the mental and spiritual training which makes for a more holistic experience. For someone who has a passion for spiritual knowledge, this approach best motivated me in my physical and mental training. My most outstanding memories are mostly around life lessons or skills shared by Bob around the nature of life, society, and conflict management - and the self-development lessons therein, including his analogies and insights of life and personal growth. There were so many life lessons shared that I have urged him to write a book. In a sense, the lessons resurface at the appropriate times in my life and for others in their hour of need when they turn to me. Aside from perseverance, the other qualities that have bettered my character and quality of life at home and work are: Greater awareness of my own actions and my environment, particularly of social influences; increased concentration with my studies (at Master's level); greater awareness in communication with others and in the details; and in dealing more calmly and strategically, especially with family and friends. In a recent altercation where I defended myself and two of my girl-friends from a drunk and violent assailant, with encouraging success, I was surprised that I was outwardly calm and strategic about physically responding to him. I am confident that my responses to the encounter were as a result of my training with Bob."

(T. Quazi, Projects Research).


2006 - 2009:

"You really give of a great energy that is contagious and addictive; thank you for all the advice on my training in and outside of the dojo, you have been such a great inspiration. The most memorable and significant moment in my life was my first Winter Gasshuku (5-day intense, outdoors training camp); although physically exhausted my mental reserves grew much stronger than I ever imagined. My training helped me discover the true me, which in turn helped me find my best friend and future life partner. I have never met someone so focussed and this intense: There are times when he talks to me as a friend, advises me as a father, and guides me as a teacher or mentor. Through his teachings, I have lost weight, developed personally, live a healthier life, and matured greatly - he is indeed an inspiration. My greatest wish is that one day my children can be part of Bob's Foundation."

(A. Lukhan, Physiotherapist).


2006 - 2008:

"The classes were extremely intensive: Demanding a high yet totally expected level of physical, mental, and even spiritual discipline. What I took away with me is not only an appreciation for the art studied, but a deeper more profound, yet personal, realisation that the training was not an end but a means to an end. I believe that Bob has a unique talent for extracting personal realisations from those who are receptive and aware; his real purpose I believe is a life changing/challenging means to an end! Bob is undoubtedly the most disciplined and demanding person I have the pleasure of knowing. He is a perfectionist in his attention to detail and demanding in his desire to impart learning, and the need for others under his tuition to achieve their very best. Presented with heartfelt gratitude and respect."

(S. Lyle, Professional Tax Consultant, Academic Lecturer).


2006 - 2007:

"You have taught me deep values that I am only beginning to practise. You have been extremely patient with me. You have encouraged and supported me in my efforts. You have been truly concerned about me as a person. You have shown me the importance of my body and the need to care for it. You have inspired me by your example. You have gone further in your concern for my health and growth than almost anyone I know. You have shared your table and all that means with me. You have touched my life with yours. May you continue to inspire others and grow in ever deepening light. You have enriched my life and I am deeply grateful; I will never forget you."

(Name not published, Priest).


2005 - 2006:

"The environment was warm and friendly. My lasting memories are of feeling as part of a family. Training with Bob has benefitted me from having no real interest at all in things like eating healthy, spirituality, and respect, to embracing these things and really increasing my own and others' happiness from them.... it was like entering another world of mental and physical health; training was a gift of sanity and serenity, a sample of what life should really be about."

(I. Bertolli, Law student).



"One of the most important things I learnt in my time at Wu-Shin was the idea of constant improvement. I've surprised myself this year at University by expanding my horizons and pushing my comfort zone on a path to improvement, and producing very good marks in my courses. Wu-Shin was special in many ways."

(Z. Crumley, University student).


2004 - 2010:

"I came to study the Japanese Sword with Bob after over a decade of western fencing, seeking something that would allow me to develop internally rather than participate in a competitive sport - and it has been a life changing experience. In a world of constant change where compromise and expedience are valued over integrity, Bob has been extremely uncompromising and has always placed the personal growth of his students over their (and his) comfort and convenience. In the six years, I have never looked back. During that time Bob has constantly challenged me to develop parts of myself that I never knew were lacking. The benefits of the training have been many and varied."

(N. Crankshaw, Owner, Web Application Developer).


2004 - 2008:

"I first became aware of Bob through a group of friends who were training with him. What stood out was the quality of these people. Typical attributes were a positive outlook on life, enthusiasm, trustworthiness, effective leadership, sharpness of mind, and an ability to be clear about what they wanted and follow it through. I was also struck that in team sports these friends had a great deal of body awareness and skill in movement. So I decided to join his organisation. He was adamant and exacting on quality. The training covered a wide range of unarmed skills, but progressively included a range of weapons. Bob had an almost three-dimensional ability to teach. He could teach a given technique from almost any angle, and if one approach did not work well, he could effortlessly move to another. I also saw that Bob was able to link any one of the skills that he taught, either to other skills, or through metaphor to life principles. In my work, at a practical level, I feel more capable and calm in facing potentially threatening people. Another benefit that I have noticed comes from being exposed to boundary pushing discipline... I am better at being able to sit with discomfort for the benefit of a greater purpose. All aspects considered, without question Bob has been one of perhaps four of the most impactful and beneficial teachers, across all disciplines, I have had in my lifetime."

(J. Reader, Psychologist and Psychotherapist).


2004 - 2007:

"I found classes and instruction very beneficial to my growth as a person. I seemed to get energy just from your enthusiasm for the training itself. The training was more than I expected in terms of how cleverly worked out everything was. It had such a perfect structure and had huge impacts on my daily life. For example, my reaction speeds to things and my body movements and alertness to my environment around me everywhere I go."

(Name not published, by request, Engineering).


2003 - 2005:

"The biggest thing I learnt from Bob was discipline; I learnt how to handle life, and came to realise that Bob has a unique outlook on life and a lot can be learned from him."

(C. Humphreys, Claims Manager).


2003 - 2004:

"My reason for joining was to gain some sort of spiritual insight into my own aggression. I had been involved with Kickboxing for five years but was tired of the non-stop aggressive atmosphere around the activity. I wanted to continue with some form of martial art, but one that was not centred around testosterone. If I had to choose one word to describe Bob, it would have to be 'respect'. I thoroughly enjoyed his honesty, wit, and his hard edge. Without doubt he is someone from whom I have stolen ideals and incorporated them into my own personal cosmic rules. I would sincerely and wholeheartedly endorse any form of human development that Bob undertakes to perform."

(M. Bouman, Property Broker - International, Professional Athlete for 17 years).


2002 - 2012:

"The instruction given by Bob has a sound mix of physical and mental benefits. The strenuous demands, particularly at senior classes' level, pushed me well beyond levels that I considered I was capable of. This has been of immense growth benefit to me physically, particularly considering my background of being a more academically oriented person. The mental training has produced great benefits in improved awareness and mental sharpness, and in particularly the approaches to be adopted in conflict management. My journey through life has always taken a spiritual orientation; I realise that this gathered considerable pace in the years since I began my training with Bob. The training has practically shown mind-body-spirit unison and all three aspects have been required in being able to achieve the tasks presented by the instruction. Bob's view of spirituality has been of great help in gaining a different, broader perspective and insight into my own chosen spiritual tradition. The training under Bob has led to the development of many positive characteristics that are important for a self-evolving human being. The most important, I believe, of these is humility; Bob's training also induces self-awareness, forces a calmness of mind, and brings out one's inner strength. The most important feature of his teachings is his encouragement that we learn the 'principles' from our training. These are generic in nature and thus can be applied to various situations in life."

(T. Quazi, HOD, Computer Engineering).


2002 - 2009:

"I found the Foundation to be efficiently managed by Bob; he is well-known for his professional management style. He applies and expects very high standards of discipline and etiquette from his students and this can be most beneficial for young men and women who wish to develop a lifestyle incorporating the principles of the martial arts. Bob reflects very high ethical codes of integrity and honour, yet is always approachable and enjoys social interactions with his students."

(J. Henderson, Published Author and Metaphysical Teacher).


2002 - 2004:

"What struck me most was that the instruction was obviously well thought out, and programmed step by step so that the students progressed in a stable environment. It was tough, disciplined, and mentally challenging with a good spiritual element always present. The spiritual, good character side of training was, in my opinion, the crux of Bob's excellent training making all the other aspects worthwhile and fitting them together to make a morally meaningful whole. My long-held wish is that I had started this training with Bob much, much sooner in my life."

(B. McKeon, 67 years of age, Marketing Director).


2001 - 2012:

"What memories, quite a few when I first started - talk about a cultural shock. As a teenager I was shy and reserved, however, I discovered this was something that would gradually change. The level of physical demands also gradually increased, but not at an unreasonable rate. As the training progressed, as it got harder and the demands increased, my parents commented that they were seeing a definite and positive change. I noticed that I became quite stubborn and if I wanted something I would work hard and persevere till I achieved it. I could also pick up things a lot quicker, with regards to almost any physical activities and sports. And with the cross-training involved in Todejutsu it developed my body quite differently. I also learnt how to control my emotions a lot better. I would take longer to get angry and even when I did, it would be in a controlled manner. I have also been able to avoid numerous fights and situations that would have ended in disagreements turned out to end in a positive manner. I feel that when you train properly you realize just how pointless 'fighting' is. I have learnt to take care of my body and thus have stayed away from alcohol and smoking; they come across to me as an utter waste of my valuable resources. At the end of it all, Bob has been that constant in my life. In a strange sense he has taken on a father-figure role, one that has proven to be a major benefit to me and all those around me. Bob's methods may be a tad bit hard at times, and his views on matters rather different, but I have grown to know through experience that he has your best interests at heart. It's just up to you whether or not you are prepared to go through what is required to get there. I have reached a stage in my life where I question almost everything, and what I have seen that is instead of getting annoyed, Bob answers my questions to the best of his ability and that I have to say is highly appreciated. I feel that he is one of the best teachers around but in the same breath I can say that Bob is not 'everyone's cup of tea'. This is what I think separates him from the pack."

(W. Gregory, Shipping, and Master's student).


2001 - 2010:

"Again I find myself thanking you for encouraging me to run up steep hills and dice into ice cold water (I sometimes wonder if I need to seek medical help). Yet again it was another challenging and thought provoking experience. Each Gasskuku (9th so far) has had its own unique lessons but i am finding that as I progress the physical challenges lessen and the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges/teachings increase, or rather, have greater impact. Thank you Bob for sharing yourself so openly and being a guiding light in helping each of us find and follow our own way. I hope that you and Shaz continue helping others to help themselves. I know that the impact in my life (and hence those around me) has been huge and I hope that many others can also experience the joy of learning to live life to the fullest."

((Name not published, Owner, Restaurant).


2000 - 2008:

"Thank you for your teaching and your friendship over the past years; both have had an extraordinary impact on my life. I am certain that with your special qualities of dedication, perseverance, integrity, strength, courage, and will - you will manifest rich, growth-filled, challenging experiences of huge value. Thank you so much for all that you are, do, and give."

(Name not published, Sculptor, Artist, Therapist).


2000 - 2005:

"Training under Bob's tutelage was physically and mentally demanding and, at times, required immense fortitude. Had it not been this way, I would have been bitterly disappointed. As an educator, I have a well-developed ability to discern whether the instruction I am receiving is of the highest possible standard or not. Under Bob's watchful eye, you knew that second best wasn't ever good enough! Spiritually, my training added a new dimension to my character and I credit it with strengthening my values, my principles, and my sense of righteousness. Beside improving my self-confidence, my training manifested several more profound benefits: I developed an intense respect for my fellow man, along with a powerful resolve never to inflict pain, mental or physical, on another human being. I did not expect to told that I was learning how to fight so that I didn't have to fight, or that I was obliged to love my fellow man. Bob is far more than an instructor, he is a teacher."

(D. Tarr, Educator).


2000 - 2001:

"I just want to say that no matter where you are in the world, that you will always be a true role model and inspiration to me! I think you are one of the best grounded, focused, driven, principle-centred individuals I know. In fact I am speechless to even begin to explain and justify what difference you make to me and all your students with all aspects of your life. The teachings, values, and beliefs from training still remain very close to me. Looking back, I could not be happier knowing that I had the opportunity to experience and absorb the life-changing paradigms from you."

(Y. Soni, Owner).


1998 - 2001:

"Bob is one of those rare people that you meet along the road in life who can give you peace of mind and guide you in a way that you had never imagined. Besides being a great teacher, his classes were extremely stimulating, testing you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of, but you left the class feeling calm yet exuberant at the same time and impatient for the next class. Whatever he does or wherever he goes he will inspire you to do better things with your life, and for this I will always be more than grateful."

(A. Stone, Professional Ballet Teacher).


1996 - 2002:

"Like many people who begin training in martial arts I only saw the immediate physical characteristics and benefits. Over the six years I learnt a great deal of technical skills in a number of systems; I also gained a lot in terms of physical fitness and endurance. But, what had the greatest impact on my life were the mental skills that I learnt from Bob. It is these intangibles that helped me to develop as an individual. The mental toughness, the will to achieve and make things happen in my life, and the ability to extract the underlying principles are skills that I continue to use on a daily basis in my chosen career in the Armed Forces. I consider these aspects of training to be my greatest reward. The commitment that Bob makes to help each person who trains under him to realise their own potential has had a great impact on their lives."

(C. Tees, Parachute Regiment).


1995 - 2002:

"The fact that I trained seven (and sometimes more) times a week is a testament to the high quality of instruction I was receiving. I could not find a more productive way to spend my time that would result in so much personal growth. Both physically and mentally I felt that i was always pushed to what I thought were my limits and then beyond to discover how much further I could really go. I personally never felt or experienced that I was pushed too far. Bob's keen insight and understanding of each student's personality and physical limits was often far better than the students knew of themselves. In all my 18 years training in various martial arts (in South Africa and Europe), I have trained with and met many instructors, but I cannot recall one that has in-depth knowledge AND ability to teach martial arts other than Bob. Every question we asked had a logical, well thought out answer. No move, posture, attack or defence was 'because I say so' or purely 'tradition'. With Bob we often got more information than we would remember. His classes were very disciplined, and a high level of respect was instilled into the students towards the instructors, senior students, and fellow practitioners. In this current day and age of rampant commercialism I find Bob's values admirable. It would be easy for him to ignore his principles and have huge classes of students and earn lots of money but he does not. People with the inappropriate mentality are turned away - he selects his students as much as they select him, and this is reflected in the enthusiasm of the students and the level of personal attention each student gets."

(M. Schuitemaker, Electronic Hardware and Software Engineer).


1995 - 1998 / 2007 - 2008:

"I just have to thank you again for our chat, it was exactly what I needed: Tenderness from a wiser soul coupled with the brutal truth of human nature. I've hade a big push to make big changes in my life... it is all taking great effort, but the results are on going in the right positive direction. Thank you for your words of wisdom, 'non-guidance' guidance, your honesty, and your love."

(K. Bunyan, Media Producer).


1994 - 1996:

"It was quite a change for me as I had been a ballet dancer my whole childhood. And I loved it on so many levels. I loved pushing myself, or rather having Bob push and challenge me to new heights even when I thought I couldn't go any further. And that was the mental part, which I loved so much. I learnt how powerful the mind is, that you can overcome boundaries, and those experiences have helped me in so many aspects of my life. From raising three boys, to a successful, challenging career, to environmental activism, to running the NY City Marathon (and I've never been a runner). I know that the self-discipline came from my days training with Bob. We have kept in touch over the years; his boundless energy, wisdom, and seeking-spirit, continue to inspire me to reach new heights in my life - I am so grateful."

(M. Stearns, Brand Strategy Consultant).


1993 - 1999:

"It was obvious from the first training session that Bob's instruction was thorough, well-planned, and detailed. The result was a team of students who thrived in physical and spiritual growth. I started when I was forty years of age; through Bob's training I discovered and developed physical abilities that i considered up till then entirely out of my reach. I also shared his love for nature. The two features I appreciate most about Bob's personality, is his sincerity and uncomplicatedness."

(J. S. du Plooy, MMus; LLB - Music Lecturer; Director of Music).


1993 - 1994:

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires (W. M. Ward)... I have learned so much about myself since I started Wu-Shin. You have pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. I have had many teachers in my life, but you are the only one I consider a 'great teacher'."

(H. Sherwin).


1992 - 1995 / 2002 - 2005:

"I trained with Bob for eight years: Four years were in Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Todejutsu and four years in Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu. Bob is a dedicated and passionate teacher. When I started Katori after a few years break from my original training, I was told the beginners' class was 05:00 on Wednesdays. When I arrived, it was just Bob and I. I asked where the class was and he said: 'You're it'. For three months we trained until I was able to join the next level of students. Training a class of one is the mark of a dedicated teacher. Bob has a way of living warriorship and hence to inspire similar attentiveness and dedication in his students. While my path of training has moved from the classical martial arts, Bob's approach to training has stayed with me. The classical martial arts are about toughness and single-minded pursuit of an ideal; along the way you learn vital mental processes and an all-round awareness that is your first line of defence. Learning combative distancing, angles of entry, timing, when to appear defenceless, and when to appear indomitable, all give you an unassailable aura that usually dissipates aggression. I have used my training to diffuse and avoid quite a few dangerous situations. Too many schools of modern martial sports produce over-confident brawlers looking for an opportunity to put their skills to use. Bob has always taught caution, control, and respect - lessons that have kept me out of trouble for many years."

(S. Turner, Owner, Goldsmith).


1991 - 1992:

"Mentally I had no expectations to start with but found the classes enable me to concentrate better and simply be more self-disciplined in all areas throughout my life. At a time in my life where I had left behind a religious grounding/framework, it was welcome to see structure without dogma. I came to greatly appreciate all the lessons that Bob taught, either through readings or just through a few words - sometimes just through a look. Many of Bob's words have stayed with me from those days. Certainly I developed a certain toughness of mind - especially through attending the Gasshuku up in the Drakensberg Mountains. 'Perseverance' probably is the right word, as well as a deeper respect for stillness and quietness. Although I suppose I was expecting some of these outcomes when I chose to study this art with Bob I guess I did not expect anywhere near the sort of depth (physical, mental, and spiritual) or professionalism frankly - the way classes were taught and the simple quality of instruction. Now as I've met him more at an older age and more as a friend, I felt he seemed to be more relaxed. On one walk I remember very well, the night before we visited a shrine together in Japan, he seemed to be physically glowing or radiant such was the level of his energy. But his enthusiasm was muted - visible and obvious, but quiet and still. Bob seems to be firmly based and centred through all the worldly changes occurring around him. He has become something of a spiritual rock for me: Overtly undemanding, yet somehow nurturing and expectant of our intrinsic perfection. One thing I am certain of, if you spend time with Bob, in whatever form, you will certainly grow."

(J. Falconer, Owner, Boutique Executive Search).


1990 - 1999:

"I saw an individual who thrived on creativity and challenges, someone who afforded others unique opportunities by moulding and encompassing them toward a strong and healthier spirit. My search for the perfect mentor for my children was over; I needed assurance that the person who tutors my children should also possess the ability to prepare them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and most importantly, impact positively on their future. Bob, amazingly, provided this with natural flair. He displayed passion and enthusiasm; students were handpicked and together with time and experienced, the strength and character development of many were modelled. My family and I feel blessed to have had his input for such an extended period in our lives."

(A. Ware, Regional Director for Africa).


1990 - 1999:

"Having spent 10 years under the spiritual, mental, and physical guidance of Bob, I learned as much about life as I did about self-defence. Every lesson was a combination of martial arts' techniques, mental chess, and spiritual upliftment. Despite the rigorous training sessions and close contact, it is worth noting that I never sustained any injuries; this is because of Bob's emphasis on safety and control. He created an environment of trust and care that was highly conducive to personal growth. It is his personal attention and unwavering commitment to excellence that catalysed the success of every student. The lessons I learned on his dojo floor helped shape the person that I am today... they taught me never to give up on myself, and motivated me through MBA exams. Bob has helped me develop a culture of health and fitness for both body and mind that has yielded remarkable results and today, I am confident that I can handle any challenge whether physical, mental or emotional."

(D. Govender, Sales Director, Business Development).


1990 - 1999:

"Almost a decade of tuition later, I had been infused with self-control, discipline, learnt an art, adopted a philosophy, and made friends - none of which would have been possible without Bob as the guide and mentor who was part of that journey. With philosophical intermissions (amidst 'sauna' training sessions), Bob was able to open up different avenues of thought and appreciation for the art. The classes I attended were vast in content; you never knew what to expect. Some days you were worked so hard, you thought you needed to be carried out on a stretcher, on others, you were exposed to mind over matter theories. In all, I think the training was technically excellent - this was not through demonstration, it was more through substantiation. The integration of the sciences of biology and physics to aid in the explanation and refinement of technique was invaluable; this balance is what made this experience unique. Most other related disciplines that I have been exposed to were more focused on the sporting side where it is a kill or be killed world in comparison to my Wu-Shin understanding of protect and defend. I am thankful that I have only once had to use my technical ability to defend myself, and I pray that I am not in the situation again, but I know that if I am, I have the skills to overcome it. If I could summarise my experience with Bob into a single word, it would be 'perseverance'. Bob's intensions are noble. His aim is to enrich the lives and lifestyles of those that surround him and give them the ability to do likewise. This is quite evident in the disposition of his students especially his longer term students. You would be hard pressed to find such polite, calm, and friendly people who can so easily subdue you. I extend my thanks and appreciation to Bob and the Wu-Shin family - I hold an honours degree in Engineering, live in a new country, have good social networks, and own my own consultancy - you helped make me who I am today."

(D. Gadiagellan, Independent Consultant-Biotechnology and Automation).


1990 - 1999:

"During my scholastic career, I have had several teachers and studied many courses aimed at providing me with the resources that are necessary to make a living. While many were successful in achieving this objective, only one taught me how to make a life. Hi unparalleled knowledge and passion was an inspiration that motivated me to train with him for 10 years. During this time, I learnt as much about myself as I did about the martial arts. Bob is a model of discipline and integrity and he expected no less from his students. His attention to detail meant that every student received individual attention and was challenged to surpass him or herself. Bob taught me how to overcome my physical limitations and be part of a solution instead of seeing a problem. Lessons were physically demanding but were regulated to the physical condition of the student and fitness was an inevitable by-product. While studying the technical aspects of the martial arts, I learnt about conflict resolution and self-control. Bob always affirmed that the Foundation was a non-racial, non-religious organisation; instead, he provided an environment that stimulated spiritual and mental growth, and provided me with a paradigm for a balanced and well lived life. Ten years later, I continue to practise his teachings in my personal and professional life. Bob once told me that if I saw a wise man, I should emulate him - in short, he taught me how to become the best possible version of myself."

(D. Govender, Strategic Sales Consultant).


1990 - 1994 / 2004 - 2005:

"My very protective mother, on meeting Bob, was soon convinced to sign the consent form handing over 'the life' of her beloved son to this amazing person. I really enjoyed my training during my teen years; classes were very physical and intensive and I immediately started to feel a positive difference in my life. I acquired a better control of my body and would excel in sports over others who were much bigger than I. I was more attentive and managed to concentrate more during classes, this also helped me academically. When I left South Africa in 1994 to study law, I immediately tried to find a suitable school, visiting over 20, and this was the period that I actually realised the value of Wu-Shin Chi-Dao and Bob. I found that although instructors might have been exceptionally good (and exceptionally vain), I found that classes were not a real serious matter; it was a hobby or a sport. I clearly recall Bob informing a class during a hard training session that the training we did could save our life one day. And if, on that day, we did not survive, it was his fault and his failure. He had the respect of his students because one could see that he put passion into his teachings and had to do what he believed was good for us. Money was never an issue and it was evident that his goal was not to market his teachings. On the contrary, having today a more business oriented mind it is evident to me that everything was done at Wu-Shin Chi-Dao for a specific purpose, even if it meant losing business or students. People from outside might criticize him or criticize Wu-Shin Chi-Dao, but I doubt that there are many teachers who have at heart the well-being of their students and who are able to motivate their students the way he does. Even if a student cannot physically do something, he will do it (or at least give his best effort) out of respect for Bob and his teachings. I benefitted from the kindness and spiritual teachings of Bob. My favourite memories are the bi-annual 6-day Gasshuku; I have lived those Gasshuku as a teen (looking at the physical aspect of my life), and as an adult (when I was looking more at a mental and spiritual reinforcement in my life), and every time I came back home enriched with what I was seeking. Bob's teachings are a light that one can decide to follow or not. However, if a person does decide to follow it, that person will be amazed by what he can achieve - one can be sure that training with the Foundation will be a positive investment for life.

(R. Sarno, Director).


1990 - 1991:

"Since leaving Durban I have tried a number of styles but I do feel that what you have to offer is one of the most complete systems around, and focussing on actual self-defence and not sport or trophies. Do you have a branch anywhere in my province?"

(C. Vance, Product Marketing Manager).


1989 - 1992:

"Bob was my teacher while I was still a carefree teenager. That experience, more than 15 years ago, remains one of the highlights of my life. One is extremely fortunate to have had a teacher and trainer that is as dedicated to the pursuit, attainment, and sharing of excellence as he is. Training under Bob has substantially contributed to my enthusiasm for finding and understanding my limits, and through dedication and discipline, growing beyond those bounds. It seems... the greatest teachers teach through whom they are, rather than what they have said. And so, 15 years on, he is still teaching me. Also, through his example in living fearlessly and compassionately, he remains my teacher. Thank you for the example - you are missed."

(T. Chellakooty, Taxation).



"The head, Bob, and the Foundation had been enthusiastically recommended to me by a whole host of people. The headquarters, then in more or less the centre of the city of Durban, was a combination of serenity and fantastically exciting energy. Bob's drive, leadership, and commitment were palpable and his charisma irresistible. His perfectionism certainly appealed to my desire to do things right. I gained a great deal from my time training with Bob. I gained self-respect, for undertaking something that was extremely difficult for me and keeping at it as long as i could; I broadened my sense of self beyond being an intellectual and discovered a love of physical activity; and I made lasting and supportive friendships. Bob's regular motivational chats during class were truly inspiring, and his challenges and advice sunk in and have stayed with me. Amazingly, 20 years on, I am still in regular contact with the Wu-Shin Foundation and with Bob, as well as his fellow teacher, Shaz, and they remain a source of encouragement and mentoring."

(J. Withers, Owner, Editor).



"When I met Bob, I asked him for something more embracing and deeper than physical training - I consider him the first of my life-teachers. I have always considered the impactful experiences of a 6-day Gasshuku to be a pivotal moment in my spiritual life as it created a change in me that profoundly influences my learning and teaching style to this day. I have always felt a deep and venerable wisdom in Bob and although it rarely needs to be expressed I find it clearly apparent in his presence and see it flowing through in his teaching and training (life) style. I feel the heart of Bob's embodied Wu-Shin Chi-Dao philosophy is transformation and alchemy. His life and teachings have had a deep impact on mine; far exceeding the limitations of any physical time we have spent together.

(P. Falconer, Spiritual Director and Yoga Teacher).


1985 - 1994: 

"The lessons with Bob always seemed full - in content, enthusiasm, variety, and energy. The diversity and depth of what we were being taught was immense in comparison to the large number of the more commercialised schools, incorporating many different styles of the art and the use of a wide range of weapons all on a far deeper level. The best part of a Winter Gasshuku some 27 years ago was the survival techniques we were taught: How to build basic shelters, make traps, harvest water where there is none, and the warm glow of the camp fire as we ended the day listening to Bob on various topics. The time that I spent as a student of Bob is precious and very instrumental in how I see myself and who I am today. For this I convey thanks."

(C. Kinch, IT Logistics Team Leader).



"On behalf of the Natal Surfing Team, we wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding course you presented on 'contest preparation'. We expect to make use of this training to retain the State President's Trophy, and in so doing capture all the individual S.A. surfing titles."

(B. Stander, Chairman; G. Hynes, Coach).


1984 - 1988 / 1990 - 1994:

"I have some very fond memories of the times away in the hills which, although very taxing at the time, were often the most rewarding. My training was more than learning about self-defence, it was more about learning about myself, my limitations, strengths, and about the approach to life in general. It taught me to be understanding, caring, and when to be strong and self-confident. For anyone considering a venture into the martial arts I can only say you will find nowhere better to train and can speak honestly on that fact as I have trained in many places (around the world), and the lessons you learn about life as well as what you will learn about the martial arts itself will come from no better organisation."

(D. Camm, Oil & Energy Professional).


1982 - 2004:

"The thing that impressed me most about Bob, and still does, is his honesty and commitment to excellence in both his personal development and that of all his students. He would always make the time to train the very new beginners so that I am sure they were getting the best initial grounding and introduction to the martial arts and most of all, this attitude of personal commitment to excellence in all we apply ourselves to. No one was ever belittled for their inability to master any technique or method provided they were trying and giving sincerely of their best. One of his maxims was: 'To lose is not to fail, but to lose and not try again is to fail'. I have adopted this myself and have carried it throughout my life so far. The traditional martial arts obviously entail discipline and here I feel our training was excellent. Bob has a way of communicating and teaching about this aspect where it was never necessary for any physical reprimands to be made. The correct attitude was always taught from the very beginning and students grew up just knowing the correct attitude to discipline. What I appreciate about Bob is that he means what he says; there is no wavering or indecision and he is very true to his principles. These principles have never varied in the 23 years I have trained and worked with Bob. This has created a very secure environment for self-development and growth. The skills and disciplines acquired have on many occasions enabled me to feel and detect the possibility of threat and I have had the freedom to avoid physical conflict. Another wonderful characteristic and benefit of his training is the application of many of the principles to negotiating of any kind. I continue to apply many of these physical principles to the emotional and mental areas of my interpersonal relationships. Bob's personal interest in all his students is amazing; there were very rare occasions when for good reason he was unable to personally train a class. Bob's ability to show us his compassion for family and friendship has always endeared his students to him."

(P. Banks, Owner, Children's Shelter, and Owner, Chartered Accountant).


1982 - 1985:

"I loved the discipline, Bob's sense of humour, and his absolute control and focus on what we were doing. The memories and the whole experience of Bob's instruction have had an amazing impact on my life. One of the positive characteristics was the development of the ability to be able to communicate with anyone of any status with confidence. Being able to stand firm with regards to what I believe is right without being intimidated by anyone; I lacked so much confidence when I first started. I use all that Bob taught me in every aspect of my life - from home, bringing up teenagers - to driving to work, and at work. (2009). I managed to get 85% for my electronics assignment... You may not realise it but you are still encouraging me tremendously, thanks."

(J. Rothon, Assistant General Manager, Gemmologist).


1981 - 1996:

"Wu-Shin Chi-Dao is a martial art based on the life's work of Bob Davies. Do not be concerned about the art. You are learning in one of the most professional and comprehensive traditional martial arts school on the planet. I was his student for 16 years. I am now an instructor in, and the principal technical advisor for, an independent organisation. My respect for Bob as a teacher and martial artist remains at the highest level. I find it hard to imagine that anyone has a greater storehouse and depth of knowledge and understanding of traditional Eastern martial arts than he does. I make this assessment after training with some of the most highly regarded martial arts masters, including Morio Higaonna, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Cacoy Canete, etc. As to the fact that he is not well known internationally, Bob has never strived for personal limelight or commercial growth. He prefers to concentrate on maintaining a high standard and teaching the techniques that he has learnt to those who are truly sincere and willing. You will, in the course of training with him, make up your own mind."

(D. Djurdjevic, Martial Arts Practitioner, Teacher, Researcher, and Writer).


1980 - 1988:

"I found Bob to be extremely dedicated and capable, with a special talent to help lesser gifted people to improve themselves and build their confidence. He impressed me as a decent and patient person with no sign of arrogance whatsoever. I have not come across any of Bob's former students who do not speak of him with affection. I personally benefited enormously from my training and I believe that I still do, although I no longer practise."

(J. Ploos van Amstel SC, Senior Advocate).


1978 - 1981 / 1986 / 1990 - 1992:

"I received four years of excellent technical instruction, character development, and camaraderie. The classes and instruction, physically, mentally, and spiritually were very well structured and planned. Outstanding physical fitness was attained in a systematic development process incorporating self-defence techniques suitable for the levels of beginner to senior ranks. The dojo maxims were lived by Bob who sought to be a role model in terms of teaching the right attitude to the martial arts. For young men and women seeking a lifestyle to embrace - that will provide a means to temper themselves physically and understand the benefits of self-discipline - these classes were without peer in Durban at the time. During this movie era of Karate and Kung-fu fads, Bob managed to stay true to the traditional roots of the disciplines he studied and therefore his students embraced the way of life of the warrior. I would say that Bob's training classes became the foundation for the rest of my life, upon which my self-discipline, physical development, and moral values were formed. With the self-confidence and heightened awareness he instilled I have been able to identify negative situations and avoid conflict or defuse the issues timeously."

(R. Thomson, Owner, Psychologist).



"I trained with you in Durban and attended a Gasshuku at Sani Pass - the experience is etched in my mind forever. I am disillusioned by what I have found in Queensland Australia as all the dojo don't seem to have the spiritual component I am looking for."

(D. Alderton, CEO).


1976 - 1988:

"First impressions are always lasting and what I noticed in Bob's approach toward training was one who is meticulous and precise in the execution of every technique. That was just one of his many attributes as a very dedicated teacher. During the 13 years of training I cannot remember one class that was not strenuous! Although I had a university qualification as a teacher and coach of various sporting activities, primarily rugby, no other activity had the variety and challenges I experienced. I found I grew in self-confidence in everything I did; I could face most challenges put to me and nothing would be too big a hurdle to get over. Another major achievement was to get rid of the 'super ego'; that exaggerated importance of self. Around the time of me receiving my 1st degree Black Belt a couple of incidents happened where I witnessed the effectiveness of the training thus far. One involved a knife-wielder, the other brandished a screwdriver... in both cases the assailants were rendered unconscious with a single blow. But, that was not my main reason for training with Bob. All the character strengths and personal discipline that one acquired to make one a more complete person was my main reason; the person I am today is mostly due to his input and effort."

(J. Steyn, Marketing Consultant)


1976 - 1984:

"Oh... nearly forgot to thank you for making me the stubbornest bastard anyone has ever met. I'm a friggin' diehard uncompromising shithead and I have to blame someone. You taught me never to give up... and believe me it stuck. Thank you."

(E. Savvas, MD Foods).

Our Instructors

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Bob Davies

Shaz Davis

Tahmid Quazi

Warren Gregory


Bob Davies

Bob Davies is the founder and director of the
Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development. He began training in various styles of traditional and sport Karate in 1967, was awarded his South African Springbok colours in 1984, and achieved the ranking level of 5th Dan by 1985. During this period he also studied Aikido, Jujutsu and Kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons).

In 1985 Bob decided that the worldwide trend of commercialisation and modification of training for sport and competition was not conducive to effective self-defence application, health and personal growth, and withdrew his support for the modern sport-variants of the arts.

Since then he has immersed himself in the Chinese civilian defensive art systems, with particular emphasis on Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tang Shou Dao, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Chin Na, and Hsing I Ch'uan. At the same time, Bob also studied the Philippine fighting systems of Escrima, Kali and Arnis de Mano.

From 1995 onwards, Bob has undergone advanced training in the classical Japanese martial weapons' arts of jo, sword, spear, long staff, and naginata as well as the original Chinese/Okinawan civilian unarmed combative defence arts of TodeJutsu and Koryu Uchinadi.

In support of his work on the roots and structures of traditional systems, Bob is a long-standing member of a number of dedicated research groups including the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society, and the International Hoplology Society.

Bob opened his first teaching and training centre in Durban, South Africa, in January 1975 followed by a full-time dojo in 1977, and developed a provincial organisation of eleven branches over the next decade. In 1985, he launched a full-time, professional, International Martial Arts College with a branch in Perth, Western Australia.

The acquisition of practical, pertinent knowledge has been Bob's constant endeavour, with his studies taking him to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe and the USA. Balancing this expertise has included an in-depth examination of some of the 'healing' aspects of martial and civilian combat arts training provided by a number of schools of meditation, Shiatsu, Chinese Chi-Kung, as well as clinical anatomy and physiology including a year of full-time cadaver dissection.

In 1996 this organisation was expanded in the form of the Wu-Shin LifeCentre, a full-time conflict-management research, instructional and residential facility being established on a 5500sq.m site in Durban. It was the only full-time, martial and civilian-defensive arts Research, Development and Educational organisation of its kind in South Africa, and one of the very few in the world.

To date Bob has personally trained more than 6000 students and developed more than sixty-five black belts (in four different disciplines) of whom twelve have reached the internationally rated rank of 3rd Dan, four the rank of 4th Dan, and one the rank of 5th Dan.

His practical expertise had resulted in Bob holding the position of specialist instructor for the Durban City Police Department from 1986 for a period of 13 years; responsible for training force members in all aspects of the use of batons, self-defence techniques, arrest restraints, close-quarter combat, compliance, restraint and come-along techniques. Between 1987 and 1989 instruction also involved special Riot and Crowd control training as well as the use of the standard issue PR24 baton. In 1995, Bob also ran an advanced training course for a selected group of senior instructors of the South African Police Services and members of their Special Task Force, incorporating a number of practical scenarios.

Realising the importance of maintaining a functional balance between his physical conflict management skills and the needs of local and international business communities encouraged Bob to pursue his studies in various management programmes over the years, acquiring his first business degree in 1974; Bob has since completed his M+5 in Business Practice. His interest in continuing education ensures his ongoing participation at University level and he is currently reading for an Honours degree in Psychology at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Read Bob's testimonials.

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Shaz Davis


Shaz-close-upShaz Davis is a freelance writer, T'ai Chi and Qi Gong teacher, and massage therapist based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She began an intensive study into the arts of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong under the guidance of Bob Davies in 1998 and has augmented her studies with training and research trips to Holland, UK, Italy, France and Switzerland. She continues to further her research through internet workgroups and regular trips to train with prominent instructors in Europe and the UK.

To further her understanding of the defensive aspects of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Shaz has undertaken several years of study in the various arts offered by the Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self-Development, and holds Shodan in the classical Japanese martial art system of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu .

Shaz has been teaching T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Qi Gong on a full-time basis since 2002, has had several articles on T'ai Chi published in prominent international T'ai Chi magazines and holds a Red Sash in Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

Shaz now heads the T'ai Chi Institute of Health - the health and internal arts division of the Wu-Shin Chi-Dao Foundation for Self Development and has conducted a number of multi-day T'ai Chi and Qi Gong retreats as well as provided health and relaxation sessions for various businesses, on their premises. Shaz's first book in a series of e-books on Yang-style T'ai Chi is available in the Kindle bookstore - Yang-style T'ai Chi: A basic guide.

Read Shaz's testimonials.

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Tahmid Quazi

Tahmid instructorA professional educator, Tahmid Quazi holds a doctorate in Electronic Engineering and is a Senior Lecturer in Electronic/Computer Engineering at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

He began studying Wu-Shin Todejutsu under Bob Davies in May 2002, and naturally fitted into the role of a licensed Trainee Instructor in 2007. Since joining the Foundation, Tahmid has completed eight annual Gasshuku (intensive 5-6 day training camps) as an expression of his enthusiasm for this unique traditional civilian defence art.

Tahmid, now a 2013 licensed Instructor (Grade 1), heads our Wu-Shin Kokoro dojo branch in Durban, South Africa.

He was recently awarded the Sandan (3rd Degree) rank of Sandan Initiate (the first of four levels) after specialised senior training with Bob Davies, in Christchurch, New Zealand, early in 2013.

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Warren Gregory

warren instructorWarren Gregory joined our Wu-Shin Todejutsu classes as a keen high school scholar in December 2001 and has trained consistently under Bob Davies' tutorage since then, including completing five annual Gasshuku (intensive 5-6 day training camps).

A Trainee Instructor in Wu-Shin Todejutsu since January 2009, Warren was awarded his Assistant Instructor licence following the advanced training he underwent in New Zealand in January 2013. Concurrently, he was also awarded the rank of Nidan (2nd Degree) and assists with instruction at our Wu-Shin Kokoro dojo branch in Durban, South Africa.

In addition to his technical competence, Warren's determination to succeed in all aspects of life is illustrated by his current part-time studies toward a Master's degree in Economics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, while holding down a job in the maritime industry. Warren works in the Marketing Department for the Mediterranean Shipping Company at their head office in Durban.

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