Shaz Davis

Great teacher

Shaz has been my T'ai Chi teacher for the last 9 months or so.  As a near beginner. I have found her to be an excellent instructor, very observant and patient, thoughtful, taking time for students of all levels,  both individually and for the class as a whole.  Relaxed and supportive.  I always come away with an enhanced sense of well being.   

Andy Forster
New Zealand

Positive learning experience

Tai Chi is far more complex than most people realise, which is something that they only discover once they try it! In the five years that I have been a student, Shaz has impressed me with her ability to identify the most appropriate way of helping each student to grapple with the challenges of this art: Whether the person needs to be given a gentle push, or left alone to progress at his or her own pace, she seems to know what is needed.

Shaz enjoys an excellent relationship with her students, and has facilitated strong, mutually supportive relationships between them, which makes for a positive learning experience. She is a model of kindness and patience, and - as I can attest - can help even the least gifted student to make progress. I can unreservedly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning T'ai Chi, as her blend of knowledge and skill, coupled with the manner in which she relates to her students, makes for an unbeatable combination.

Estelle Keshwar

Personal growth

Shaz has been my T'ai Chi instructor for the past five years. I have been able to grow considerably on a personal level while under her instruction. As a professional, I feel that she sets very high ethical standards to follow. She is always honest and will never let you down.

Charles Humphreys

Effective in training and managing classes

I have known Shaz for at least eight years. She has been my T'ai Chi instructor during this time. I have found her to be extremely effective in training and managing classes and is able to pass on her considerable knowledge in an easy going and understandible manner. I can thoroughly recommend her for her orgainising and training ability as well as her people skills.

Jimmy Henderson

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